A Great Place to Work

English, political science, social work, law—ACLU of Ohio staff members have followed a variety of education and career paths. But all of us share a commitment to equality, a respect for diversity, and a willingness to go above and beyond to get the job done.

The Ohio ACLU is an inspiring and dynamic place to work—the ideal environment to build a career in social justice.

We are an activist, hard-working team involved in the life of the community.

The ACLU of Ohio has been recognized by YNPN (Young Nonprofit Professionals Network) Cleveland and the National Association of Social Workers – Ohio Chapter for its efforts to provide meaningful career opportunities for staff members.

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Katrice Williams

Living My Values
Sometimes it can be hard living your personal values in the workplace, particularly if those values are related to equitable rights and opportunities for individuals living outside of the status quo. Working for the ACLU of Ohio makes it possible for me to exercise my beliefs in common humanity by collaborating with my co-workers to push back against local and national influences seeking to erode our civil liberties and Constitutional rights.
Katrice Williams, Policy Associate

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Celina Comong

Community Involvement
It’s refreshing to work for an organization that works hand in hand with local communities. The ACLU of Ohio encourages staff to connect with individuals and partner organizations to spread our mission, and this sense of inclusive advocacy is rare to find in the work place.
Celina Coming, Communications Associate

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Jocelyn Rosnick

Skills-Building Across the Organization
I feel so lucky to have been able to start my career with the ACLU of Ohio—an organization that has supported my professional growth and helped build my legal, policy, development, and administrative skills. Over the past few years, the ACLU has enabled me to not only work in a variety of different policy areas, from criminal justice to voting rights, but also across various departments of the organization.
Jocelyn Rosnick, Assistant Policy Director

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James Kosmatka

Teamwork is fundamental to progressive social change. Collaboration, intersectionality, and integrated advocacy are vital to our work. Everyone here works towards the common purpose of a brighter future. In a mission-driven organization where the goal is a better world for all Americans, ego is secondary.
James Kosmatka, Executive Associate

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Jeff Miller

Work-Life Balance
Maintaining a work-life balance is not easy for the activist. There’s always a new campaign, a late-breaking development, or an opportunity for engagement that could advance social justice. The ACLU of Ohio believes that staff are most effective when they can meet their needs, responsibilities, and interests outside work. Flexibility in schedules and various time-off policies are offered in recognition of the issues individuals and families face outside the workplace.
Jeff Miller, Technology Director

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Christine Link

Compensation and Benefits
ACLU staffers are the bravest advocates for freedom in the country. When others hold back, they step forward to speak for people unable to defend themselves from government excesses. Our board strives to compensate staff appropriately and with benefits that help prevent burnout and keep them in the equality fight for a long time.
Christine Link, Executive Director

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Avery Martens

Interning at the ACLU of Ohio has been an incredible learning experience! I’m given concrete opportunities and real responsibilities to work on social justice campaigns that really matter to me, from LGBT rights to criminal justice reform. The ACLU of Ohio takes their role in your educational experience very seriously – creating a truly rewarding and educational internship opportunity.
Avery Martens, Intern

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Steve David

Professional Development
The ACLU of Ohio has been an incredible place to start my career and build my skill set. This is the perfect environment to learn how effective advocacy happens. I have opportunities here to challenge myself and build my professional capacity and networks.”
Steve David, Program Associate

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Mike Brickner

Equity and Inclusion
I’m proud to work for an organization that prioritizes equity, inclusion, and justice—not only in our communities, but also within our offices. Each staff member’s uniqueness is celebrated and woven into the fabric of what we do and who we are in our professional lives.
Mike Brickner, Senior Policy Director


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