• 01.25.14

    Media Roundup » 01/18/14 through 01/24/14


    * ACLU of Ohio Mentioned Proposed law sparks debate over student expulsions – Hamilton County Journal News, 1/19* Egregious execution – Toledo Blade, 1/19 Dispatch special report: Private cops being shielded from the public – Columbus Dispatch, 1/19 Ohio judge to rule on refund of fines from village’s traffic cameras, which he calls a ‘scam’more »

  • 01.18.14

    Media Roundup » 01/11/14 through 01/17/14


    * ACLU of Ohio Mentioned A welcome judicial rebuke to legislators’ attempt to impair third-party Ohio ballot access – Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1/11 DeWine has voiced own doubts about election law – Columbus Dispatch, 1/12 It’s time to take the death penalty off life support – Cleveland Plain Dealer, 1/11 Manipulating voting laws to winmore »

  • 01.16.14

    Let’s Teach Our Children to be Good Students and Stop Training Them for Prison


    A few months ago a ninth grade student told me, “I don’t even know what a real school feels like. My school feels and looks like a prison.” In the last 20 years schools and schools climates have adopted harsh disciplinary policies. These policies commonly referred to as zero-tolerance policies have resulted in the excessivemore »

  • 01.16.14

    New Execution Methods Can’t Disguise Same Old Death Penalty Problems


    Ohio made history today by becoming the first state to use the two-drug combination of midazolam and hydromorphone in the execution of Dennis McGuire. State officials decided to use this experimental combination of powerful sedatives and painkillers after supplies of approved execution drugs ran dry. These shortages have caused other states to begin using experimentalmore »

  • 01.13.14

    Media Roundup » 01/04/14 through 01/10/14


    * ACLU of Ohio Mentioned Discipline decisions mostly left up to individual educators – Massillon Independent, 1/5 Opinions vary on why Ohio snubbed on drone project – Columbus Dispatch, 1/ Potential voter fraud cases from 2012 election often dropped as simple mistakes, elderly confusion –, 1/7 Tinkering with Ohio’s machinery of death –,more »

  • 01.04.14

    Media Roundup » 12/21/13 through 01/03/13


    * ACLU of Ohio Mentioned Gov. Kasich undermines State Medical Board with pro-life appointments: Arthur Lavin –, 12/21 Photo ID law would be costly and unnecessary: Ohio Rep. Kathleen Clyde –, 12/28 Drone Use Soars in Latin America, Remains Widely Unregulated – Truthout, 12/30 ‘If I Need ID to Buy Cough Syrup, Whymore »

  • 12.21.13

    Media Roundup » 12/13/13 through 12/20/13


    * ACLU of Ohio Mentioned Prisoner and Reporter Talk about ACLU Lawsuit over Media Access to Lucasville Riot Inmates – Ideastream, 12/13* Redistricting reform needs to be a priority for the state’s constitutional modernization commission – Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/14 Ohio’s 2014 legislative calendar will be crammed with election-year politicking and backroom pleading –,more »

  • 12.14.13

    Media Roundup » 12/07/13 through 12/13/13


    Nick Worner commentary: Legislature bent on making voting harder – Columbus Dispatch, 12/7 Unclear how Ohio religious-freedom bill fits with church-state divide – Columbus Dispatch, 12/9 Cellphone Companies Reveal How Often They Hand Your Data Over to Law Enforcement –, 12/9 Agencies collected data on Americans’ cellphone use in thousands of ‘tower dumps’ –more »

  • 12.13.13

    On Bill of Rights Day: Work to Make Rights Real


    In 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed December 15 Bill of Rights Day, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the founding document’s ratification in 1791. December 15 was to be, in Roosevelt’s words, “a day of mobilization for freedom and for human rights, a day of remembrance of the democratic and peaceful action by which these rightsmore »

  • Let me Vote


    Ohio Legislature Bent on Making Voting Harder


    Below is an excerpt from an Op/Ed that appeared in The Columbus Dispatch on 12/07/2013. It’s no big secret that manipulating voting laws is a partisan blood sport in Ohio. The controversies of 2004 are the stuff of legend, and in 2012 we saw a voting bill so obviously partisan that the voters themselves organizedmore »

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