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  • 11.17.15

    Ohio Politicians Should Reaffirm Values and Accept Refugees

    COLUMBUS—ACLU of Ohio executive director Christine Link issued the following statement in response to attempts by Ohio politicians to block the settlement of Syrian refugees: “Together we extend our deepest sympathy to those who are living in the wake of violence this past week. As we express our condolences, we also recognize this as a Read more…

    National Security
  • 11.16.15

    Scapegoating Unemployed People Won’t Help Ohio’s Economy or Those Struggling with Addiction

    New Bill Seeks Drug Testing for Access to Unemployment Benefits

    COLUMBUS—A bill introduced in the Ohio House would require drug testing for certain people applying for unemployment compensation. The ACLU of Ohio opposes House Bill 394, calling it unnecessary and harmful to people facing vulnerable circumstances. “There is absolutely nothing to gain from creating additional barriers for people who need unemployment compensation,” said Gary Daniels, Read more…

    Drug Policy
  • 11.09.15

    Ohio’s Pay-to-Stay Jail Fees Leave People with Heavy Debts After Time Served

    COLUMBUS—A new report by the ACLU of Ohio exposes how pay-to-stay jail fees trap low-income people in cycles of debt and incarceration. The report includes the first-ever analysis of all pay-to-stay jail fees in full-service jails across the state, and profiles the individuals whose lives have been ruined by large debts from their incarceration. “Pay-to-stay Read more…

    Prisoners' Rights
  • 11.03.15

    Technical Issues at Polling Locations Risk Disenfranchising Voters

    Counties Need to Make Proper Accommodations for Voters Experiencing Problems at Their Polling Place

    COLUMBUS— The ACLU of Ohio is calling on the Hamilton County Board of Elections to immediately address issues at polling places reported to be experiencing problems with electronic poll books, as well as not having provisional ballots available. “No voter should ever be disenfranchised because of a technical error,” said senior policy director Mike Brickner. Read more…

    Voting Rights
  • 10.07.15

    New ACLU Report Shows Ohio Lawmakers Undermining Criminal Sentencing Reform Efforts

    COLUMBUS—According to a report by the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio, an analysis of legislation introduced in the Ohio General Assembly during the first six months of its 2015-2016 session shows that Ohio’s senators and representatives introduced 54 new bills—11 percent of the total number introduced in both chambers—to send more people to prison Read more…

    Criminal Justice
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