Voting Rights Press Releases

  • 05.30.17

    Statement on Supreme Court decision to hear Husted v. APRI

    CLEVELAND, OH—Today, the United States Supreme Court granted Ohio’s petition for certiorari in the case of Husted v. Ohio A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI). The case addresses Ohio’s Supplemental Process, a practice of targeting voters who fail to vote in a two-year period for eventual cancellation of their registrations – even if they have not Read more…

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  • 11.15.16

    ACLU Releases Recommendations for Election Reform

    CLEVELAND—The ACLU of Ohio released recommendations for future elections to increase ballot access and streamline voting processes. The letter was sent to Ohio Secretary of State John Husted, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger, and Senate President Keith Faber with the hopes of garnering bi-partisan support among Ohio’s elected officials. The Read more…

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  • 11.07.16

    Purged Military and Overseas Voters Who Requested Absentee Ballot Will Have Ballot Issued to Them

    CLEVELAND—On Saturday, November 5, 2016 a new order was issued in the ACLU of Ohio’s voter purge case that will allow purged military and overseas voters who requested an absentee ballot to have their vote counted. “This additional directive is important because military and overseas voters are an important subset of Ohio’s population, and the Read more…

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  • 11.03.16

    ACLU Voter Alert – Election Observers – November 3, 2016

    Recently, political candidates have called on supporters to monitor polling locations as election observers. Public comments by some supporters indicate that they may attempt to challenge voters or otherwise attempt to interfere with the election process. The ACLU of Ohio is issuing this alert to all Ohio voters to educate them on election observers and Read more…

    Voting Rights
  • 10.20.16

    ACLU Voter Alert – October 20, 2016

    In response to a recent court ruling over the illegal purging of voter registrations by Secretary of State Jon Husted, the ACLU of Ohio is issuing this alert for all voters in the 2016 presidential election. It is critically important that any voter who may have been wrongfully purged from the voter rolls knows that Read more…

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