Fellowship Placements at the ACLU of Ohio

Working on important civil liberties issues at the ACLU of Ohio can provide a strong base for a career in public service, with the additional reward of advancing social justice.

We encourage law students, lawyers, social work students, and other individuals with an interest in civil liberties to explore funding sources to support them in gaining work experience with the ACLU of Ohio.

The fellowships, grants, stipends, and other financial resources listed may be helpful in funding work experience with our organization. Such programs exist for people with a variety of backgrounds and professional experiences, although opportunities for students and post-graduates are the most common.

Because details can change, please follow up with the various funding organizations for the most current information. Applicants are also encouraged to explore other opportunities within their universities and other organizations.

It is strongly encouraged that applicants understand the requirements of the fellowships they are applying for. Often agencies or nonprofits need to agree to be the host organization with the applicant before applying. Funding opportunities also sometimes have requirements that must be fulfilled with the host organization in order for the applicant to qualify. Please become familiar with these requirements before contacting the ACLU of Ohio.

A successful candidate for a position with the ACLU of Ohio will:

  • Provide their own funding for their experience.
  • Understand and arrange for funding requirements to be fulfilled.
  • Have a strong commitment to civil liberties.

Please submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected] after researching potential fellowship opportunities.

You can access the list of potential funding opportunities here.

If you are a social work student interested in doing your field placement at the ACLU, view the description.