List of Fellowships and Other Funding Sources

Title: Equal Justice American Law Student Fellowships

Organization: Equal Justice America

Description: Equal Justice America is a nonprofit which seeks to provide law students with the opportunity to work with an organization to deliver law services to the most vulnerable. In the past, the nonprofit has supported over 3,000 law students who have worked with over 400 agencies. To apply, students need to be from participating schools.

Requirements: Law students need to send a cover letter describing their commitment to and interest in providing legal services to the poor. A resume is to be included along with an employment confirmation letter from the hiring organization. All materials need to be sent together to Equal Justice America.

Amount: Up to $1,500


Contact Info:

Phone: (804) 744-4200

Fax: (804) 744-6789

Email: [email protected]


Title: The Robert Masur Fellowship in Civil Liberties

Organization: The Nation Institute

Description: This fellowship is named after Robert Masur, a lawyer who dedicated his life to arguing employment and consumer law cases. This opportunity is for first-year law students seeking to defend civil liberties over the course of their summer, whether through a research project, working with a public service organization, or any other similar work.

Requirements: Interested law students should submit a proposal no longer than two pages describing their intended summer project, with a resume, a brief letter of recommendation, and the name of the faculty or organization sponsoring them.

Amount: $1,000


Contact Info:

Phone: (212) 822–0250

Fax: (212) 253–5356

Email: [email protected]


Title: Skadden Fellowship

Organization: Skadden Foundation

Description: The Skadden Foundation Fellowship, sometimes called “the legal Peace Corps,” gives graduating law students the ability to carry out public interest work that has a focus on vulnerable populations and civil rights. Before applying, students need to set up a project at a public interest organization that has at least two lawyers on staff. Fellowships are awarded for two years.

Requirements: Please submit your official law school transcript, two letters of recommendation from your law school professor and former employer, commitment letter from a sponsoring organization with brochures if available, the 501(c)3 tax-exempt status letter of the sponsoring organization , and a resume. Application forms can be found on the website.

Amount: Skadden provides each fellow with a salary and pays all fringe benefits to which an employee of the sponsoring organization would be entitled. For those fellows not covered by a law school low-income protection plan, Skadden will pay a fellow’s law school debt service for the tuition part of the loan for the duration of the fellowship.


Contact Info:

Please contact Susan Butler Plum, Director of the Skadden Foundation

Phone (212) 735-2956

Email [email protected]


Title: Equal Justice Works

Organization: Equal Justice Works

Description: Equal Justice Works is a nonprofit organization which seeks to give opportunities and resources to law students and lawyers for the goals of a more just and equitable society. Their fellowship gives applicants the opportunity to work with and provide legal assistance to underprivileged individuals, tackling a range of issues from domestic violence to community economic development.

Requirements: The applying student needs to be a third year law student, a recent law graduate, or an attorney with a demonstrated commitment to public interest law. The applicant’s school must also be an Equal Justice Works member school. A host organization where the fellow will work needs to be identified, as well as a sponsor to fully or partly fund the fellowship. More information is on the Equal Justice Works website.

Amount: Fellows receive a competitive salary and loan repayment assistance, as well as connections to their prominent sponsors, participation in trainings, and additional support during their two-year tenure.


Contact Info:

Phone: (202) 466-3686 ext. 202

Email: [email protected]


Title: The Cochran Fellowship

Organization: Neufeld Scheck & Brustin

Description: NSB is a firm which specializes in defending victims of civil rights violations and corporate malfeasance. Their work has covered use of excessive force, the abuse of prisoners, and wrongful convictions. The Cochran Fellowship sponsors law students to work in the field of civil rights, allowing them to work in a variety of positions across the United States.

Requirements: Interested students should email a cover letter addressed to Debi Cornwall, a resume, a transcript, one writing sample, and a list of three references.


Contact Info:

Phone: (212) 965-9081

Fax: (212) 965-9084

Email: [email protected]


Title: The Haywood Burns Fellowship

Organization: The National Lawyer’s Guild

Description: The National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to change in the political and economic structure of the United States, and seeks to support lawyers and law students in bringing about change through service of the people. The Haywood Burns Fellowship allows law students to work with an existing organization aligned with the National Lawyers Guild’s mission. Encouragement is given to organizational choices which have grassroots and non-traditional work opportunities with a current societal need.

Requirements: The application can be found on the website. Include resume with one or two letters of support from the host organization.

Amount: $2,000 for ten weeks of full-time work


Contact Info:

Phone: (212) 679-5100

Fax: (212) 679-2811

Email: [email protected]


Title: Peggy Browning Fellowship Program

Organization: Peggy Browning Fund

Description: The Peggy Browning Fund is a nonprofit that seeks to prepare law students to support worker’s rights. This fellowship provides students with stipends as they work in a labor-related organization. There is a summer and an academic year program. Summer law fellows are recruited to mentor organizations which can provide guidance and training as they go about their projects.

Requirements: For the academic year fellowship, the student must be in good standing in the participating law school and have completed at least one school year before the start of the fellowship. For the summer program, the student must be a first or second year student in good standing at the participating law schools. Summer students must also adhere to any additional requirements at the mentor organizations. Visit the website for information on the application process.

Amount: Summer Fellowship stipends will be a minimum of $5,000 per student for the ten-week employment period. The part-time school-year fellowship’s total stipend of $5,000 is based on 15 hours per week, 11 weeks per semester, for two semesters.


Contact Info:

Phone: (267) 273-7990

Fax: (267) 273-7688

Email: [email protected]


Title: The Cleveland Executive Fellowship

Organization: Coro

Description: Coro is a nonprofit whose mission is to encourage greater civic leadership and public participation among people across the nation. The Cleveland Executive Fellowship helps train future civic leaders on how the public, private, and civic sectors interact through an immersion program and placements with various organizations in the city.

Requirements: Include with the application form an essay, resume, three letters of recommendation, and official academic transcripts for all higher education institutions attended. Chosen fellows must fulfill a two-year residency commitment to Northeast Ohio for two years after completion of the fellowship. A Master’ degree or a work equivalent is a prerequisite.

Amount: $40,000 with financial assistance available for medical benefits


Contact Info:        

Dr. Yemi Akande, Program Manager

Email – [email protected]

Phone: 216-592-2276

Fax: 216-621-7733

Ms. Hannah Belsito, Program Coordinator

Email – [email protected]


Title: Institute for Educational Equity and Opportunity (IFEEO) Summer Associate Award

Organization: Institute for Educational Equity and Opportunity (IFEEO)

Description: The IFEEO is dedicated to ensuring education equity and opportunity for disadvantaged public school children through legal means with an additional focus on fair and equitable public school finance laws. Through the award, the applicant will work on a public interest educational equity project or with an attorney of their choice in the areas of educational equity and opportunity.

Requirements:  Recipients must have taken a course in education law or be currently enrolled in education law, and be recommended by her/his education law professor.

Amount: $1,000 a week for 12 weeks


Contact Info:

For more information, please send a letter (no emails please) expressing your interest to

D. Vance, Esq.

President & General Counsel,

IFEEO, 100 S. Broad Street, Suite 1530,

Philadelphia, PA  19110


Individual Fellowships from Law Schools

Title: The Student Public Interest Law Fellowship

Organization: Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Description: SPILF is a student-run organization at CWRU which promotes the consideration of a career in public service and pubic interest law. SPILF raises money to provide students with funds so that they would be free to pursue externships with organizations that deal with public interest and offer unpaid positions.

Requirements: Applicants must be a CWRU Law School student, have participated in SPILF activities over the course of the year, and are looking for a summer position. In order to qualify, SPILF participants must work for at least 10 hours. A brief statement of interest should be included in the application.

Amount: Fellowships range from $500 to $3,000.


Contact Info:

Phone: (216) 368-3312

Email: – visit website to find current contact


Title: Post-Graduate Fellowship

Organization: Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Description: This fellowship is designed to give law students time after graduation to gain valuable legal experiences and to improve on their network of contacts. 225 hours of legal work need to be performed at a public interest, government, or nonprofit agency.

Requirements: Potential candidates need to submit a resume, a statement of interest, and a letter of commitment from the host organization with their application.

Amount: Approximately $2,000


Contact Info:

Phone: (216) 368-6353

Fax: (216) 368-47 13

Email: [email protected]

Title: The Summer Public Interest Fellowship Program

Organization: University of Cincinnati College of Law

Description: The Summer Public Interest Fellowship Program enables students to work at public agencies or government offices over the summer who may otherwise not be able to pay for them. Students have used this fellowship to work at positions across the nation and abroad.

Requirements: Students must obtain unpaid positions and prepare a detailed proposal and budget for their summer opportunity.

Amount: A modest stipend designated by the Awards Committee will be given.


Contact Info:

Contact Diane Cross

Phone: (513) 556-0058

Email: [email protected]

Title: Biskind Public Interest Fellowship and Social Justice Fellowship

Organization: Milton A. Cramer Law Clinic Center, Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Description: Each year, up to five Case law students will be eligible for Saul S. Biskind Public Interest Summer Fellowships, giving them the chance to gain experience in public interest legal work from a nonprofit or government organization.

Requirements: To qualify, students must do unpaid public interest legal work for 10 weeks during the summer at a nonprofit organization (excluding government agencies). The applicant will need to submit a resume, statement of interest, and a letter of commitment from the employer.

Amount: $3,500


Contact Info:

Rebecca E. Berry, Department Assistant

Phone: (216) 368-4898

Email: [email protected]

Geneva M. Hartfield, Manager

Phone: (216) 368-2768

Email: [email protected]


Title: Adoption, Child Welfare and Juvenile Law Fellowships

Organization: National Center for Adoption Law and Policy, Capital University Law School

Description: This fellowship was created to give students the training to become legal advocates for youths and children, as well as their families, across the nation.

Requirements: Students need to have completed two semesters of law school. Applicants are invited to submit a written proposal, outlining which benefits they would like to receive and what reciprocal obligations they are willing to commit to. An online application is available.

Amount: See requirements


Contact Info:

Phone: (614) 236-6730

Email: [email protected]


Title: Lisa A. Kloppenberg Public Interest Award   

Organization: University of Dayton School of Law

Description: The Lisa A. Kloppenberg Public Interest Award supports students who are participating in the public interest internship over the summer, as a way to recognize those who would like to work towards defending the most vulnerable in society.

Requirements: Student who are completing their second, third, fourth, or fifth semester and are not graduating are eligible to apply. Applications will be accepted by the Office of Student Affairs and are awarded on a rolling basis. Please email for more information.

Amount: $1,500 to $3,000


Contact Info:

For more information on the award, please contact Dean Lori Shaw

Phone: 937-229-3794

Email: [email protected]


Title: Public Interest Law Program

Organization: University of Akron School of Law

Description: This award encourages and supports students who are interested in a legal career in government or public interest firms, governments, and nonprofits, and is open for the spring, summer, and fall semesters.


The application form must be filled out by the student/applicant.  The organization that will employ you as a volunteer law clerk and provide supervision will need to confirm this in a letter on their letterhead along with start date, end date, number of hours per week, supervisor’s name, and a short paragraph describing anticipated dutiesAll materials must be submitted to the Career Planning Office by the deadline. Applicants need to secure a public interest placement before applying. Further guidelines and forms can be found on the website.


Contact Info:

Office of Career Planning & Placement

Phone: (330) 972-5321

Fax: (330) 258-2343

Email: [email protected]


Title: The Public Interest Law Foundation Summer Fellowships

Organization: Ohio State University Mortiz College of Law

Description: The funds raised by PILF go to Mortiz law students to fund their unpaid summer experiences with government or public interest positions.


Amount: $1,600 to $3,200


Contact Info: To send an email, visit the website above.


Title: Public Interest Program

Organization: Ohio Northern University Claude W. Pettit College of Law

Description: Fellowship stipends are granted to law students who would like to gain experience in an unpaid public internship position over the summer and have demonstrated an interest in government or public interest agency work after graduation.


Interested students must submit an application to the ONU Office of Law Alumni and Career Services. The application is two pages and requires a one-page essay. A resume and references may also be submitted with the application.


Contact Info:

Law and Career Services

Phone: (419) 772-2249

Fax: (419) 772-1487

Email [email protected]


Title: Public Interest Summer Fellowship

Organization: University of Toledo College of Law

Description: The Public Interest Summer Fellowship is meant to give Toledo College of Law students an opportunity to explore a career in government or the nonprofit sector. Opportunities beyond the regular fellowship are offered as well.

Requirements: Applicants need to have secured a summer public interest placement ahead of time and must have a minimum of 20 hours a week arranged. Award decisions will be based upon student’s level of commitment and nature of the placement. A resume, application, and unofficial law school transcript need to be submitted. Students enrolled in the Public Service Extern Program and Reinberger Fellows are not eligible to apply for this fellowship award.

Amount: Amounts vary, but normally are $500 – $2,500.


Contact Info:

For questions, call Kelly Tomlinson

Email: [email protected]


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Or contact Cybele Smith

Phone: 614) 292-7707

Email: [email protected]


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