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Permission To Reprint

All content on our website may be used or reprinted without prior permission. We hope you will honor the context in which the content appears, and that it will not be used for nefarious purposes. If you somehow benefit financially from reproduction of the content, remember we are a non-profit organization and accept donations. We would appreciate attribution when possible. Notifying us of use or reproduction is appreciated but certainly not required.

Privacy Statement

The ACLU of Ohio has created this privacy statement to demonstrate its firm commitment to privacy by informing site visitors of our data collection and storage practices. Read the national ACLU privacy statement.

Our servers collect and aggregate user information site-wide, including anonymous site statistics, such as the number of views of each page. We log domain names and/or IP addresses of visitors (such as csuohio.edu, aol.com,, etc.), which permits us to know “where” visitors are from, or what access service they use, without knowing their individual identities. Because we do not require users to register with us, this “host level” tracking is our primary basis for assessing traffic patterns.

In certain instances, such as on membership and donation pages, we give users the option of providing us with names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other personal information. This more personal information is gathered only with users’ permission and participation.

We review and discard information in some cases (e.g. IP address logs for file transfers), while in others we may use the information to tailor our users’ Web experience in the form of custom content or results drawn from databases. On some pages, users can sign up to receive additional information by email through a subscription service or by other means, including postal mail. Personal information that has been volunteered to us may also be combined with data from third parties, such as Congressional district maps, to improve our services to members. No such combining will be done for marketing purposes.

We may share member, donor, and website user information, including e-mail addresses, with our national office for the above named purposes. The national ACLU’s privacy statement may be found here.

Third Parties

Generally, we do not share Automatically Submitted Data, Voluntarily Submitted Data or Other Collected Data with third parties. However, we do share such data with those third-party service providers who fulfill your orders or transactions, contact you on our behalf, or facilitate some other aspect of ACLU activities, services or products, including those third-party service providers who collect, process, store and transmit information we collect on this website on our behalf and those third-party service providers we use to assist us in our fundraising and communications efforts.

You will find the complete statement on third party sharing and functionality (including your access to third-party content embedded on our website) in the “Third Parties” section of the national ACLU privacy statement, as we are governed by that document.