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The ACLU of Ohio Action Team is our *NEW* Ohio-based activist community. This grassroots group is working to bring change to Ohio at the state and local level!


The FBI could soon be getting access to Ohio’s law enforcement records, including the state’s facial recognition database.

A recent report by the Government Accounting Office raised serious concerns about how the FBI manages its use of technology. They pointed to failures to determine error rates and test data accuracy, non-existent privacy policies, and an overall lack of transparency and notice to the public about how their data was being used.

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Tell governor dewine he must act now to stop coronavirus in ohio’s INCARCERATED POPULATIONS

Like you, the ACLU of Ohio is seriously concerned about the impact COVID-19 has on incarcerated Ohioans. We have taken numerous steps to share information, make recommendations, and learn more about what is going on behind bars. What is now abundantly clear is Ohio’s jails are systemically failing to adequately address COVID-19 concerns and realities. To date and despite our repeated urging, the only apparent action Gov. DeWine has taken is to temporarily end jail visitation. Much more needs done!

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Tell ohio senators to vote no on senate bill 55

Senate Bill 55 is on its way to the floor of the Ohio Senate and it must be STOPPED.

Take action NOW and urge your State Senator to reject this legislation, which epitomizes the statehouse-to-prison-pipeline and will put MORE Ohioans behind bars. Also, the timing couldn’t be worse: COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire in our prisons – this is a crisis more serious and unlike any we have seen in Ohio prison history. If SB 55 becomes law it will greatly exacerbate the prison overcrowding problem we currently face.

Even when Ohio isn’t experiencing the deadly, harsh realities of a pandemic, SB 55 is still a horrible piece of legislation. Send a message to your Senator and ask them to vote NO on Senate Bill 55!

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Tell Ohio leaders to denounce discrimination against asian communities

With the rise of COVID-19, fear is once again driving racism and creating an environment rampant with acts of hate and violence in which many Asians in America are afraid to go out to seek basic necessities. It is the duty of public officials to uphold the civil and constitutional rights of all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, income, or any other protected characteristic.

DENOUNCE THE SPREAD OF XENOPHIBIA AND RACISM! Tell Ohio officials to issue statements declaring that hate, racism, harassment, and discrimination against Asians in America are unacceptable.

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Tell Senate president larry obhof people not prisons – sb 3 must pass!

Senate Bill 3 was introduced in February 2019 and it still hasn’t left committee! Our lawmakers must seize this opportunity to pass this bill that would lower Ohio’s prison population, save the state millions of dollars, and help more Ohioans rebuild their lives after going through the court system.

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Eliminate the cost of gps monitoring for pretrial defendants in cuyahoga county

The ACLU of Ohio is building a groundswell of public support for fair and equitable pretrial systems in Cleveland and beyond.

As a community member you can help push for bail reform by signing this petition to urge Administrative Judge Sheehan and the Criminal Justice Council to eliminate the cost of electronic monitoring for all Cuyahoga County residents. The Cleveland Municipal Court doesn’t charge for its GPS Monitors, and neither should the Court of Common Pleas. Bail reform should not include extracting money from low-income people or over conditioning them under the guise of public safety.

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Stop the death penalty in Ohio. Contact Governor DeWine and urge him to halt all executions.

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