Author: Anonymous, Author at ACLU of Ohio

  • 06.16.20

    My COVID-19 Experience on the Inside of Marion Correctional Institution

    Person washing their hands


    It was never a matter of if COVID-19 would infiltrate Marion Correctional Institute, but when. While the state and outside world braced itself for the coronavirus, this administration chose not to take the proper steps early on that would have ensured the safety of its prison population and staff.

  • 06.19.15

    How I Found My Voice and Took to the Streets in Protest

    Black Lives Matter

    On the day Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo was found “not guilty” on all counts against him in the tragic and unnecessary execution-style deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, I was in complete shock.

    My Reaction to the Deaths

    I remember the morning after the two Cleveland residents were murdered in November 2012.