Author: Becca Kendis, Author at ACLU of Ohio

  • 09.01.17

    The Uphill Battle of Returning Home

    Police car's siren

    Every day, people with felony and misdemeanor convictions are released from jails and prisons across the state, ready to start over and become upstanding, contributing members of society.  For many of these individuals, reality kicks in and they come to realize that their punishment isn’t truly over. 

  • 08.25.17

    LGBT Advocacy In Real Time

    Rainbow Flag

    Remember the empowering and beautiful slogan that went viral in June 2015, “Love Wins?” Can you believe it’s been more than two years since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its landmark decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, confirming the constitutional right to marriage equality?

  • 12.23.16

    Curbing School Harassment

    Gavel and stethoscope

    In the weeks following the election, reported incidents of harassment in schools have skyrocketed. Students have been targeted as the result of their race, religion, sexuality, and gender identity, echoing the hateful and divisive campaign rhetoric of the past year. Given the impact that harassment can have on students’ education and mental health, schools must take seriously their legal obligation to “provide a nondiscriminatory environment that is conducive to learning” for all students.

  • 12.02.16

    When Legislators Play Doctor, Women Pay the Price: Sheva’s Story

    Gavel and stethoscope

    On December 13, Governor John Kasich signed the 20-week abortion ban into law. SB127 is Ohio’s most recent attempt to close all clinics and make abortion care completely inaccessible for women who need it. This ban will impact women such as Sheva Guy, who, after receiving heartbreaking news about her pregnancy, was forced to travel 300 miles for the medical care she required.