Author: David Carey, Author at ACLU of Ohio

  • 01.10.20

    We Fought to Curtail Abusive Homelessness Policies in Cincinnati. And We Won.

    David Carey and Joe Mead

    Hamilton County has one of the highest rates of homelessness in Ohio.  In the City of Cincinnati alone, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that over 7,500 people—about 1,800 of whom are children—will experience homelessness in any calendar year. 

  • 12.18.19

    Ohio’s Jails and Prisons Are Fueling Crisis-Level Opioid Overdose Deaths


    Jail Cell and Drugs

    Although Ohio is among the states hardest hit by the nationwide opioid epidemic—with the incarcerated population particularly at risk—numerous county jail authorities are failing to provide even the most basic medical care needed to blunt this ongoing crisis. This denial of treatment to people suffering from opioid use disorder (OUD) is making it far more likely that Ohioans will remain captive to this disease—and even die of a drug overdose.

  • 04.04.19

    Do Gerrymandering Decisions Before SCOTUS Affect Ohio’s Case?

    Police Cars

    Last Tuesday, March 26, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on two partisan gerrymandering cases: one challenge to a Republican gerrymander in North Carolina, and one to a Democratic gerrymander in Maryland.  It’s not a stretch to say that the Court’s upcoming decisions could help put an end to a particular brand of partisan abuse that has plagued our government for centuries.