Author: Dan Rogan, Author at ACLU of Ohio

  • 01.18.19

    Why this gay man cares passionately about protecting Roe v. Wade

    My Body Belongs To Me

    A reflection to commemorate the 46th anniversary of “Roe”

    Every civil libertarian I’ve met, it seems, has their own personal story about why protecting essential freedoms is deeply personal. I am no different.

    Since my earliest days as an activist, two issues – LGBTQ rights and abortion rights – have resonated strongly with me.

  • 11.09.18

    A Post-Election Message

    You Are Powerful, Ohio

    On Wednesday morning we woke up to an Ohio that looks very similar to the one we said goodnight to on Tuesday.

    We still face a mass incarceration crisis, we lack workable solutions to a deadly opioid epidemic, and the same lawmakers who opposed Ballot Issue 1 provide us with no plans for moving ahead.