Author: Celina Coming, Author at ACLU of Ohio

  • 10.18.17

    A Guide to End Affirmative Action

    President Trump’s and Attorney General Sessions’ agenda for the nation is often difficult to understand. That was especially true recently when there were rumors that the Department of Justice may be intervening in an issue at Harvard University where Asian Americans have alleged they are discriminated against by the school’s affirmative action policy.

  • 10.03.17

    International Reactions to Ava DuVernay’s Documentary, 13th


    Promotional poster for documentary 13th

    Our two international interns from Humanity In Action, Julie Vainqueur and Lukasz Niparko, articulate their responses to Ava DuVernay’s powerful documentary, 13th.

    Julie Vainqueur, writing from a French, Afrocaribbean perspective.

    I want to communicate about issues that matter, to listen to the unheard, amplify their voices, and to educate others about the social injustices of the world.