Author: Kaleb Carter, Author at ACLU of Ohio

  • 08.28.15

    Gay Scout Leaders Mostly Welcome in BSA

    Brian Peffly
    Brian Peffly

    On July 27, a century-old organization made a momentous change in its membership—the Boy Scouts of America lifted the ban on gay adults as Scout leaders and employees. The decision means that more people will be able to remain true to who they are without fear of dismissal.

  • 07.25.15

    Does Ohio Need a Police Shooting Database?

    Lights on top of police car - police in background

    There has been recent public outcry about the disproportionate interactions with law enforcement in communities of color. To better understand what’s happening, Ohio could make use of a centralized database that would document instances of excessive force, lethal and non-lethal.

    Earlier this year, two criminal justice students at Sinclair Community College in voiced support for a database that specifically would document instances of police shootings.

  • 07.17.15

    A Victory for Transparency

    Ohio Supreme Court in session
    Photo by Supreme Court of Ohio

    For a person paying thousands upon thousands of dollars a year to a university, which has the responsibility to mold and educate them, transparency might seem like a simple request. However, for many private institutions across the country and in Ohio, right-to-know standards have not been the norm.

  • 06.03.15

    It’s Time for LGBT Scout Leaders

    Brian Peffly
    Brian Peffly

    As a former Boy Scout, I can say with all honesty the organization’s founding tenets provide a respectable framework to build a young person’s life upon. And I say this as a bisexual former scout.

    Looking through the lens of someone who knows what the Boy Scouts of America is about, I see great hypocrisy in one of its policies—the exclusion of LGBT adults serving as volunteers or professionals in the organization.