Author: Kimberly Millhoan, Author at ACLU of Ohio

  • 10.05.15

    Speaking of Civil Liberties…

    Statue of Liberty

    The great purple state of Ohio has long been a political battleground with issues like voting rights, LGBT rights, mass incarceration, and police practices dominating the public discourse.

    Republican and Democratic presidential candidates have been visiting the Buckeye State recently, providing their two cents on these issues in hopes for our vote.

  • 04.15.15

    A Legacy of Volunteers Defending Freedom

    Group of hands raised, in act of volunteerism

    Fighting for civil liberties is no simple task. In fact, it takes an army. It’s through the tireless efforts and contributions of volunteers throughout the past century that the ACLU has become the strong force it is today.

    The ACLU of Ohio benefits from hundreds of volunteers from various walks of life.

  • 03.02.15

    International Relations, ACLU Style

    Lady Liberty with Sun

    What happens when delegates from various continents are in one room together to talk about democracy?

    Last month we found out.

    In early February, we met with emerging leaders representing Argentina, Botswana, the Republic of Korea, Spain, and Tajikistan as part of a professional exchange program sponsored by the U.S.

  • 02.18.15

    One Woman, Three Words: “We Shall Overcome”

    Louise Shropshire Collection at the University of Cincinnati
    Louise Shropshire

    “Someday, somebody’s going to do something with my music.” These were the last words uttered by Louise Shropshire, a Cincinnati choir director and composer.

    Somebody did do something with her music. One of her hymns became the anthem of the civil rights movement.

  • 12.22.14

    Not to be Forgotten: One Cleveland Woman’s Case Changed the Rule of Law

    Life changing moments often come at us out of the blue and so it was for Dollree Mapp.

    Early on May 23, 1957, Dollree was alone in her Cleveland home, enjoying her privacy. When her doorbell rang, she had no idea that what happened next would change state laws on how evidence should be handled and establish her legacy as a woman who spoke up for her rights.

  • 09.11.14

    Will the next execution be as botched as the last?

    Photo of execution chamber

    At this point, we do not know. But we do know that it’s a gamble the State of Ohio is willing to take, as officials recently released the revised execution schedule for the next two years.

    In April, we urged Governor John Kasich to pause executions through the end of 2015 so that courts and experts could take the time needed to ensure that lethal injections do not amount to cruel and unusual punishment.

  • 01.27.14

    Demand More From Your Legislators

    Ohio flag

    Most lawmakers are smart, passionate people who must focus on a multitude of issues on our behalf. But what happens when that passion becomes an obsession with one issue?

    The current avalanche of abortion-related legislation is a perfect example of what happens when our leaders become fixated on one controversial topic.

  • 10.21.13

    The Price for Justice: A Prison System Bursting at Its Seams

    On Saturday, November 2, 2013 a coalition of faith groups, unions, professional associations, community groups, and rights organizations (including the ACLU of Ohio) will hold a rally at the Ohio Statehouse. At this rally, we will call on Ohio lawmakers to halt the death penalty, end the war on drugs and the epidemic of mass incarceration, break the many reentry barriers for the formerly incarcerated, and put a stop to “stand your ground” proposals in Ohio.

  • 09.17.13

    The Bluest Eye Blues: Standing up for Toni Morrison

    Censorship Stamp

    This week, members of the Ohio Board of Education criticized one of the literary works of fellow Ohioan and acclaimed author Toni Morrison for being “totally inappropriate.” They do not want Ohio 11th graders to read Morrison’s novel The Bluest Eye because it references rape, among other controversial issues.