Author: Steve David, Author at ACLU of Ohio

  • 08.31.15

    Ohio is a SLAPP Happy State

    Gavel with S.L.A.P.P. letters

    The First Amendment guarantees Americans the right to freedom of speech. Yet, ever since the U.S. Constitution was ratified 227 years ago, forces have been seeking to silence and control public discourse.

    In recent years, wealthy individuals have undermined free speech by filing punitive lawsuits against their critics.

  • 07.23.15

    Why Ohio Needs The Fair Hiring Act

    The ACLU of Ohio strongly supports reforms to help people with criminal convictions find jobs. We believe in breaking down barriers to re-entry so that individuals can lead successful lives after prison.

  • 07.15.15

    Facing the Legacy of the War on Drugs in Ohio

    Cost of Drugs

    Over four decades since President Nixon first declared a War on Drugs, the United States continues to struggle with rampant racial inequalities in sentencing people who use drugs. In order to have a system that treats all people equally and justly, we must retreat from the failed policies of the past and end the system of mass incarceration for people convicted of low-level drug offenses.