Author: Lauren Lynch-Novakovic, Author at ACLU of Ohio

  • 12.04.15

    A Call for Justice: ACLU of Ohio’s Pay-to-Stay Press Conference

    On Monday, November 9th, 2015 the ACLU of Ohio held a press conference to launch its newest and powerful report, In Jail & In Debt: Ohio’s Pay-to-Stay Fees.

    Senior Policy Director Mike Brickner spoke briefly to the media about what these fees are and their negative and lasting impact.

  • 11.09.15

    Pay-to-Stay Jail Fees: The Newest Way People Are Profiting Off Mass Incarceration


    In Jail, In Debt: Ohio's Pay-To-Stay Fees

    It is already incredibly difficult for people leaving prison and jail to succeed on the outside. They must contend with criminal records that follow them at every turn. It prevents them from getting certain jobs, or even living in certain apartment buildings.

  • 11.02.15

    As Ohio Goes, So Goes the Nation

    Issues 1, 2, 3 - Vote Yes, No, Yes

    Everyone knows it — Ohio is a major swing state, often the deciding state in presidential elections. But in every election, our votes have a greater impact on our local communities. This year Ohioans have the opportunity, and obligation, to provide leadership for the entire country on desperately needed reform in our criminal justice electoral systems.

  • 06.06.15

    An Open Letter in the Aftermath of the Brelo Verdict

    Black Lives Matter

    Editor’s Note: On May 23, Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo was acquitted in the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

    Dear Cleveland,

    I was in class, listening with one ear to the live stream of the Brelo verdict on my laptop.

  • 04.22.15

    Primetime: The Election Is Upon Us

    Voting Booth

    You’ve talked back to your television screen, held conversations with your newspaper, called your mother on the phone, or exchanged witty banter over the fence with your neighbor, but those taxes are still high and those roads are still dangerous. Maybe you should try voting in the upcoming primary election instead.

  • 03.28.15

    March Madness (or Not Registering to Vote)

    Voting Rights

    Time and time again voters profess their wavering loyalty to the ballot and only show up in large numbers for presidential elections. Many people will pay more attention to the hustle and bustle of collegiate sports this month than the excitement of local politics, but this is when the real change occurs.