Author: Michael Denis, Author at ACLU of Ohio

  • 08.26.15

    Improving Health Policies for Ohio’s Undocumented Immigrants

    American flag in barbed wire

    It’s widely acknowledged that the state of Ohio does not prioritize undocumented immigrants in policy making as much as it could.

    Ohio’s undocumented immigrant population is only 95,000, relatively small compared to the national total of 11 million. Yet, an April report from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research cited the state of Ohio as the worst state among the 50 and the District of Columbia for policies and laws that support the health and well-being of undocumented immigrants.

  • 08.11.15

    Use of Force in Ohio’s Prisons

    Prison Fence

    When we think of the term “use of force,” we usually think of police officers applying force in cases of imminent danger posed to themselves or the public. Force also applies to the work of corrections officers and security staff when interacting in situations in which prisoners pose risks to others in the prison environment.

  • 06.22.15

    Paying the Price For Race: Death Penalty Priorities in Ohio

    Execution Chamber

    Following the botched execution of Dennis McGuire in Ohio early last year and other similar bungled executions across the country, death penalty opponents have been calling for reform.

    In a recent article, former Governor Bob Taft (R) argued that the escalating price tag of the death penalty should warrant reconsideration of its use in Ohio.