Author: Mike Uth, Author at ACLU of Ohio

  • 02.16.16

    Treat heroin with heroin, as Swiss have done


    Beginning in the 1970’s, Switzerland faced a surge in heroin abuse much like the one we are seeing now in Ohio. Then, as now, the surge devastated families and communities, and was accompanied by increased crime, homelessness, overdose deaths and increased rates of HIV infection.

  • 02.16.15

    Why Cops Can’t Get Respect

    Memo to the police nationwide: You say you want respect, but you don’t seem to have even a hint of a clue on how to earn it. Here are some suggestions:

    Show Respect and It Will Be Reciprocated

    This starts with the mayor of your city.

  • 12.10.14

    To Defeat Heroin We Need to (NOT) Stay the Course

    To combat abuse of heroin and prescription opiate pain killers there are several principles we need to keep in mind and actions we need to take.

    We must shut down all the pill mill pain clinics, imprison the doctors who run them, and make every other doctor too scared to prescribe opiate pain killers at all.

  • 09.09.14

    The Real Problem in Ferguson

    Michael Uth is a member of the ACLU of Ohio Board of Directors.

    So far, all the news and commentary surrounding the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri have overlooked the biggest reason why incidents like this continue to occur time after time in city after city.

  • 10.23.13

    Common Sense Drug Policy Reform is No Longer a Crazy Idea

    For many years I have been the crazy guy in the room. The one who thinks our war on drugs is epically idiotic and destructive. The one who dares to suggest that maybe we shouldn’t make criminals out of drug users, and that prohibition has never worked anywhere, anytime in the entire known history of the world.