Bill of RIghts

  • 04.17.15

    Ohio Poised to Censor Crucial Guardianship Information


    Censorship Stamp

    Almost a year ago, The Columbus Dispatch began a series covering alarming gaps and abuse in Ohio’s guardianship system. It didn’t take long for lawmakers to respond and soon we had legislation to help bring reform in Ohio.

    Ohio House Bill (HB) 624, sponsored by Representative Dorothy Pelanda (R-District 86) during the 2013-2014 legislative session, would have allowed for the distribution of a ward’s “bill of rights,” and to require that a guardian receive the Ohio Guardianship Guide, prepared by the Ohio Attorney General, and acknowledge its receipt.

  • 12.13.13

    On Bill of Rights Day: Work to Make Rights Real


    Bill of Rights

    In 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed December 15 Bill of Rights Day, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the founding document’s ratification in 1791. December 15 was to be, in Roosevelt’s words, “a day of mobilization for freedom and for human rights, a day of remembrance of the democratic and peaceful action by which these rights were gained, a day of reassessment of their present meaning and their living worth.”