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Meet ALEC.

The American Legislative Exchange Council – an organization formed to promulgate pro-corporate, often anti-civil libertarian legislation through a network of local legislators. They are a major force behind efforts to undermine the Bill of Rights by privatizing public services and assets.

Here’s how it works…

Corporate ALEC members vote behind closed doors with ALEC member legislators to approve “model” legislation designed to undermine civil liberties. In the Ohio General Assembly, ALEC member legislators push for those ALEC bills to become law without any disclosure of the role ALEC played in writing or pre-voting on the bills.

ALEC in Ohio

  • About 43% of Ohio’s current legislators are ALEC members.
  • From January to October of 2011, 33 bills were introduced in Ohio identical to or containing elements from 64 different ALEC “model” proposals.
  • Nine of those bills were signed into law.

ALEC’s fingerprints are everywhere. They’re behind…

  • The Voter ID bill, requiring voters to provide photo identification at the polls;
  • Efforts to privatize Ohio’s prisons; and
  • Attempts to undermine public education, immigrant rights, and more.

The ACLU of Ohio is fighting back…and winning!

With help from coalition partners and members, Voter ID was scuttled and only one prison was sold to a private corporation.

The ACLU is using every tool in its arsenal to turn the tables on ALEC. Advocating and lobbying in order to protect our fundamental freedoms. Taking Ohio back from special interest groups who are trying to hijack our rights. Advocating for laws that expand freedoms and protect constitutional rights.

Help us fight back ALEC’s agenda and protect freedom!

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