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Across the country and in Ohio approximately two-thirds of all persons booked into jail are held there without being convicted of a crime. In bail decisions, judges often set financial bonds amounts that are too high for the person to pay, causing the person to remain in jail for days, weeks, and months before trial. Studies show that as little as three days in pretrial incarceration results in significant increases in the likelihood of a person losing one’s job, housing, and custody of children. What’s worse is that the emotional, physiological, and physical trauma of being jailed before being convicted of crime disproportionately affects poorer individuals and is not based on any true assessment of the person’s risk to the community.

The ACLU of Ohio is dedicated to shining light on the unfair and unjust nature of Ohio’s bail system and urging state lawmakers, judges, and community officials to adopt reforms. For more information on bail practices in Ohio and the ACLU’s reform efforts, visit our bail resource center!


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