Voting Rights

Bit by bit, legislators are chipping away at our access to the polls


Update – 02.24.14: Despite calls from voting rights advocates, editorial boards and civil libertarians across the state to stop making it harder to vote, the Ohio General Assembly has passed S.B. 238 and Governor John Kasich has signed the bill into law.

Along with S.B. 238, Kasich signed S.B. 205, another controversial voting bill that makes it less likely voters will receive absentee ballots while making it easier for elections officials to reject those ballots if voters make a mistake.

The ACLU of Ohio will continue to fight these regressive voting bills and we will keep you informed of new opportunities for action as they become available.

Several bills are pending in the Ohio General Assembly that will reduce access to the polls. The fastest moving is Senate Bill 238, which will shave a week off of early voting and eliminate the brief window of time where voters can register and cast an early ballot on the same day.

It’s not likely to stop there. Soon legislators will be talking about even deeper cuts to early in-person voting limits, as well as absentee ballot restrictions, and stricter voter ID laws.