Reproductive Freedom

Choking Women’s Rights Though Bureaucracy


In April 2013, Lloyd Jacobs, the president of the University of Toledo announced that the university’s medical center (UTMC) would eliminate “transfer agreements” with two local facilities that provide abortion services–agreements the facilities need in order to operate.

The decision was made under pressure from the anti-choice group Ohio Right to Life and state Rep. Lynn Wachtmann (R., Napoleon) who incorrectly implied that the agreements were potentially illegal.

The Toledo blade called the university’s decision a “cowardly capitulation” and the ACLU of Ohio quickly pointed out that federal law already requires facilities like UTMC to treat any patients whose lives are in danger, regardless of any transfer agreements.

Forcing clinics to make these redundant agreements with local hospitals, then intimidating those hospitals into rejecting the agreements is nothing more than a political tactic, spearheaded by bully legislators and a state medical board that has become increasingly radicalized since the appointment of an anti-choice lobbyist with no medical experience.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologist, the University of Toledo ob/gyn department, and a host of law professors, students and women’s rights advocates from across the state have joined the growing call for of UT to stop capitulating to the opponents of reproductive freedom.

You can help by signing this petition urging president Jacobs to reinstate UT’s transfer agreements so that local clinics can continue to provide essential health care for women in the Toledo area.