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Know Your Rights: Teens & Students


KYR Teens and Students

The rights of teenagers are complex and can often be difficult to understand. To help navigate teen and student rights, you can request a speaker to discuss these topics with your class or youth program, extracurricular or community group, or others who need to know about youth rights. In addition to providing speakers, we also have a variety of readily accessible resources.

The Know Your Rights: Teens & Students PowerPoint presentation contains 30 slides! You can print handouts of the PowerPoint slides so audience members can follow along and take notes. The presentation overviews interactions with police, students’ rights when in school, and teen health and the law. We also compiled a speaker outline and Frequently Asked Questions which provides more information related to youth rights and can assist individuals to lead an informed discussion. You can expect this program to run about 60 minutes including the presentation, questions and discussion.

Want to learn more about teen health and the law? Check out Your Health and the Law: A Guide for Teens.


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