Disability Rights

Rights of Voters with Disabilities


There are still many barriers to full participation in the political process, including the physical layout of the poll center, language options, and early voting. A voter with a disability faces a nearly 75 percent chance that he or she will not be able to use the assigned polling precinct to vote. Democracy works best when everyone has equal opportunity to participate.

The ACLU of Ohio has a complete guide to voting for people with disabilities. In addition to our advocacy ensuring polling place accessibility, the ACLU of Ohio has created a Let Me Vote card that outlines voting rights for Ohioans with disabilities. 

Various legislation has been proposed and passed through the years that would disincentivize or prevent people with disabilities from voting. On June 29, 2011, the Ohio legislature passed House Bill 194, which makes a variety of misguided changes to Ohio’s voting system. The bill includes a provision that poll workers are no longer required to assist voters. However, the Americans with Disabilities Act still requires poll workers to assist voters with disabilities if they need help completing their ballot.

More information about voting is available through our Voting Rights page or the Voters with a Disability page.