Voting Rights

A Sneak Attack on Student Voting Rights


An amendment has been added to the massive state budget bill (HB 59) designed to make it more difficult for students to vote in their college communities. This amendment would require public colleges and universities to charge the in-state tuition rate (as opposed to the higher out of state tuition rate) to any student issued proof of residency for voting purposes.

Supporters claim the amendment is aimed at lowering tuition. In reality, the provision is intended to suppress the vote.  By stripping away hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from schools that provide proof of residency to out-of-state students, schools will have little choice but to stop providing this documentation.  The result?  Students will have a harder time voting – even though they have every legal right to vote in their college communities.

This amendment has passed the Ohio House and is now in the Senate.

Update – 05.29.13: Ohioans across the state took action on this issue. As a result, the Ohio Senate Finance Committee removed this amendment from HB 59.