Reproductive Freedom

Veto Abortion Restrictions in Budget, Governor Kasich


The ACLU of Ohio in a letter called on Governor John Kasich to exercise his line-item veto powers to reject abortion limitations included in the new state budget.

Requirements within House Bill 64 jeopardize the health of women across Ohio. These restrictions are an attack on reproductive freedoms and unnecessarily target the autonomy of Ohio women.

The budget language requires clinics that provide abortions to have transfer agreements with local hospitals within 30 miles. Many medical professionals have condemned such restrictions in the past as an undue burden on the medical field and on the women who need medical care.

The second provision would allow the state to close clinics by failing to respond to a clinic’s request for a variance (an exception). In short, the state can just neglect to hear a request from a clinic to deviate from zoning requirements. This could mandate the closing of such clinics that provide abortions without a hearing or explanation after 60 days. Doing so infringes upon due process rights.

Again, we urge Governor Kasich to exercise his line-item veto powers to stop these provisions from being enacted into law.