Voting Rights

Voter ID Restrictions Would Limit Voter Rights


Updated 12.20.12: After voting rights advocates and many concerned citizens across the state took action, HB 159 failed in the Ohio General Assembly at the end of the 2011-2012 session.

Thanks to the efforts of activists and advocacy groups, the Ohio General Assembly has not yet passed House Bill 159. However, the OGA will continue to debate the bill, which would be the most restrictive in the country. Under the new law, Ohioans could only vote with one of the following IDs:

  • Ohio driver’s license,
  • Ohio state ID card,
  • Military photo ID, or
  • U.S. Passport.

H.B. 159 could deny the right to vote to thousands who do not have the limited identification accepted and would disproportionately affect low-income, disabled, racial and ethnic minorities, college students, and elderly. The measure has even been opposed by Republican Secretary of State John Husted, who recognized that it is unnecessary and costly. Click here for one real life example.