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  • 12.21.15

    What Leelah Alcorn Wanted to Teach Us

    Updated December 2015: Last December, the death of Leelah Alcorn brought a tragic focus to the struggles of transgender teens to find acceptance in their families and communities. While the triumph of marriage equality this year was an incredible victory for the larger LGBT community, transgender people still lack basic legal protections in areas like employment and public accommodations.

  • 12.18.15

    #YearWithoutTamir Honors Life of Slain 12 Year Old Child

    Clevelanders protesting the killing of Tamir Rice

    November 23, 2015 marked the one-year anniversary of the death of Tamir Rice, a 12-year old boy shot and killed by Cleveland police while playing in a park near his home. His family and local activists organized several events over the weekend to celebrate his life and to draw attention to the grand jury investigation overseen by Prosecutor McGinty.

  • 12.14.15

    When Protecting Liberty Means Defending Your Enemy

    woman waiting for medical assistance

    “What if someone were to kill you!”

    This is one of the more common threats yelled at me and my fellow clinic escorts when we volunteer at Cleveland’s Preterm Abortion Clinic. Such terrorizing phrases come from a group of self-identified “pro-life” protesters, who wait outside the clinic daily to voice their dissension towards and disrespect for the clinic’s staff, volunteers, security guards, patients and women in general.

  • 12.11.15

    Ending De Facto Debtors’ Prisons in the United States

    hands gripping cell bars

    This piece is also featured by the Vera Institute.

    John and Sam were trapped in a vicious cycle of incarceration. When money was scarce, John would make Sam’s court payment instead of his own so she could stay out of jail and care for their child.

  • 12.04.15

    A Call for Justice: ACLU of Ohio’s Pay-to-Stay Press Conference

    On Monday, November 9th, 2015 the ACLU of Ohio held a press conference to launch its newest and powerful report, In Jail & In Debt: Ohio’s Pay-to-Stay Fees.

    Senior Policy Director Mike Brickner spoke briefly to the media about what these fees are and their negative and lasting impact.