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  • 03.23.16

    Should the Government Determine Truth?


    The Question

    Should the people at the Statehouse get to decide what speech is true and what speech is false? Should state judges have the authority to declare that people cannot air certain ads, post certain billboards, or hand out certain leaflets during an election?

  • 03.18.16

    “No one believes a Felon”

    handcuffed hand

    I recently conducted a training for a group of incarcerated women which outlined what to do if you’re stopped by the police.  As we discussed how to file a complaint if treated unfairly by an officer, one woman declared, “No one believes a felon.”

  • 03.16.16

    Whose Side Are You On? ACLU and Free Speech: Part I

    freedom of speech graffiti

    As an employee of the ACLU, sometimes talking about my job can be a challenge.  Those who have heard of the ACLU tend to associate us with “crazy liberals,” defending the KKK, or being anti-Christian.  These are not the easiest associations to shed.

  • 03.04.16

    Love is Not Protected in Fair Housing

    “Love is love” was the refrain we heard last year as gay marriage became legal in the United States. Unfortunately, love is not protected in fair housing.

    LGBTQ Renters in Cuyahoga County Face Persistent Discrimination

    In the majority of states in the U.S.,