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  • 04.22.16

    Meeting a Transgender Person Changes Minds

    Transgender Rights protest sign

    The invisibility which used to cloak the transgender community is starting to fade as transgender people gain more presence in the public eye. Too often they are seen through the prism of violence, but we have also witnessed an increasing amount of public figures come out as transgender in recent years.

  • 04.08.16

    Ohio is Asking the Wrong Questions about the Death Penalty

    Execution Room

    Earlier this month, members of the Ohio General Assembly gathered to receive information about capital punishment in Ohio. The Joint Legislative Study Committee on Victims’ Rights listened to a representative from the Office of the Attorney General while he discussed the problems Ohio is having obtaining the needed drugs to execute people.

  • 04.04.16

    Take It Out of the Ballgame

    Opening Day
    Photo by Erik Dorst from Flickr Commons.

    For many Clevelanders, Opening Day is a special holiday. They have survived another winter, so it’s time to celebrate.

    And who could think of a better way to express your joy than by wearing racist symbols and yelling epithets at people trying to reclaim their history?