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  • 08.26.16

    Who’s Really Eligible to Vote?

    Handcuffs at the ballot box

    Many Americans believe a felony or other criminal conviction prevents you from voting. In reality, it depends on the state.

    The patchwork of state laws feeds the myth that people with criminal records cannot vote. This lack of consistency in state laws makes it confusing for returning citizens.

  • 08.23.16

    The DOJ Is Ending Its Use of Private Prisons: But What About Ohio?

    Prisons for Profit

    Last week, the Department of Justice announced an end to using private prisons to hold federal prisoners. This decision followed a scathing report which highlighted that private prisons are less safe, provide less services and programs, and do not substantially save on costs.

  • 08.17.16

    Blurring Lines: Police Militarization and the RNC

    SWAT Vehicle
    Photo by Raymond Wambsgans through Flickr Creative Commons.

    Allison Kao is a high school student serving as a summer intern at the ACLU of Ohio.

    After two years of anticipation, preparation, and scrutiny in the national spotlight, Cleveland can finally reflect on the 2016 Republican National Convention.

  • 08.12.16

    Voting Local Has A Big Impact On Issues You Care About

    Vote Road Sign 16

    The last days of July marked the end to both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have risen as their parties’ presidential nominees for November’s general election.

    But limiting November’s general election to just the presidential race is short-sighted, especially given the open seats in the U.S.

  • 08.02.16

    Voter Suppression Undermines Democracy

    Let Me Vote

    Voting is a sacred American value. It gives each citizen their say in a government “of the people, by the people, for the people” While we may not agree on values or even the means to achieve shared objectives, we can agree that every eligible voter deserves unimpeded access to the ballot.