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  • 09.27.16

    Voter purges: It’s not about the dead people

    Let Me Vote

    Last week, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals dealt a serious blow to Ohio’s illegal and unfair practice of removing voters from the rolls simply because they have not voted for a few federal elections. The ACLU of Ohio and Demos challenged this process in court, and the Sixth Circuit Court decided that it violated federal law and must stop immediately.

  • 09.23.16

    Don’t be Fooled, Presidential Debates only Show a Sliver

    Kennedy Nixon Debate

    The first 2016 American presidential debate is sure to spark angst and ire from the two major political parties. Both sides are eager to prove why the other is uninformed, unqualified and unfit for the presidency, vilifying large swaths of Americans.

  • 09.21.16

    ACLU Announces New Webpage for Deaf Voters

    Voting sign at the polls

    Imagine showing up to your local polling place and you are not sure of the rules around how to cast your ballot. You ask for assistance from poll workers, but none of them can speak your language or communicate easily with you.