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  • 02.26.18

    Black History, More Than Just A Month

    This simple, yet extraordinarily heavy declaration has swept the nation in recent years.  But what does such a simple declaration mean? More specifically, what does it say for our country that 150 years post-emancipation the descendants of slaves must continuously declare to the world that their lives matter?

  • 02.22.18

    What is a Mayor’s Court?

    A mayor’s court is a local-level court that hears cases about traffic violations, minor misdemeanors, and other offenses that cannot result in jail time, and they only operate in Ohio and Louisiana. In Ohio, someone does not have to be a judge, or even have a law degree, to hear cases in mayor’s courts.

  • 02.21.18

    Employee Spotlight: Jeff Miller


    Get to know the ACLU of Ohio team by checking out our Employee Spotlight blogs! You may know that Jeff is a vegetarian, drummer, and craft beer connoisseur, but today we found out some new fun facts. Read on for more information.

  • 02.16.18

    Down syndrome Abortion Ban – A Parent’s Perspective

    My name is Emily Chesnut and this my daughter Nora, who will be seven at the end of the month. I am here to speak on behalf of my family and many friends who also love someone with Down syndrome. I am especially thankful to Dr.

  • 02.05.18

    Cleveland’s Youth Deserve Justice; Systemic Failures of the Cuyahoga Juvenile Detention Center

    In September of 2017, released shocking surveillance footage of officers at Cuyahoga County’s Juvenile Detention Center standing guard as teenagers fought each other. Grainy footage shows a gray industrial common area, adorned in concrete and linoleum, as a burly detention officer enters with two young men.