Blog Posts – ACLU of Ohio

  • 04.24.18

    Modernizing Paid Leave Policies

    One of the recurring lessons of working in the social justice universe is how often doing what is right is also what is best for a corporation, government, or organization. Paid family leave is one of those lessons. The New York Times recently celebrated Walmart, Starbucks and others offering more comprehensive family and medical leave policies.

  • 04.17.18

    When a Call For Help Can Lead to Your Eviction

    When someone calls 911, they expect that a first-responder is going to arrive and provide assistance.  One wouldn’t expect that an eviction notice could arrive shortly after multiple calls for help, because it simply doesn’t make sense. For some Ohioans living in 50 cities with so called “nuisance” orders, this is their reality.

  • 04.12.18

    Organizing Tactics for the 2018 Election Season

    Want to work for a local campaign? Need some tips on how to make your voice heard during election season? We’ve got 10 steps you can take to actively participate in politics at the local, state, or federal level. Additionally, don’t forget to vote in every possible election!

  • 04.09.18

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A Hero. An Icon. A Dissenter

    Immigration agent at a home

    “I dissent” is the legal battle cry tearing apart majority opinions and explaining why the court should have ruled differently. Numerous Supreme Court Justices have written these words, but few have done so as movingly as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, popularly known as the “Notorious RBG.”

  • 04.09.18

    Our Position on State Issue 1 – FAQ

    The ACLU of Ohio neither supports nor opposes Issue 1. As discussed below, although Issue 1 has some features that could improve redistricting in our state, we believe that it does not provide comprehensive reform and could open the door for future partisan manipulation.