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  • 06.27.18


    Immigration agent at a home

    I will never forget the day my son was born. I knew the moment I first held him that there was nothing I wouldn’t do to keep him safe and ensure he had the best possible life. This instinctual drive to protect and nurture our children is shared by mothers and fathers everywhere.

  • 06.14.18

    Young Americans Support Abortion Rights, Ohio Legislators Couldn’t Care Less

    Gavel and stethoscope

    Recently, the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), a nonpartisan, independent research organization, released a poll that shows younger Americans are more supportive of abortion rights than older Americans, and more importantly, that their views are becoming more supportive over time.

    But certain members of the Ohio Legislature do not seem to care about what young people want from their elected officials.

  • 06.13.18

    U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan’s Letter to DHS Regarding Sandusky ICE Raid

    On Tuesday, June 5, 2018, over 200 ICE agents descended upon agriculture businesses in Sandusky and Castalia, Ohio. They arrested 114 workers and loaded them onto buses bound for detention facilities in Youngstown, Ohio and Battle Creek, Michigan.

    On Friday, June 8, the ACLU of Ohio called on our supporters to urge U.S.