Blog Posts – ACLU of Ohio

  • 11.27.18

    Donate to These Awesome Organizations This Giving Tuesday

    Giving Tuesday 2018

    This Giving Tuesday we want to shed light on some amazing organizations who do incredible work for Ohioans each and every day. We have the opportunity to turn a normal weekday into something much bigger, don’t let this period of heightened social activism fade away!

  • 11.15.18

    Transgender Day of Remembrance; We Won’t Forget Our 22

    Transgender Day of Remembrance

    22. I remember my first year observing Trans Day of Remembrance. There was a vigil being held – everyone was around, heads on shoulders, arms wrapped around one another. We were crying, mourning the death of our siblings who were unjustly taken from us.

  • 11.09.18

    A Post-Election Message

    You Are Powerful, Ohio

    On Wednesday morning we woke up to an Ohio that looks very similar to the one we said goodnight to on Tuesday.

    We still face a mass incarceration crisis, we lack workable solutions to a deadly opioid epidemic, and the same lawmakers who opposed Ballot Issue 1 provide us with no plans for moving ahead.