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  • 01.28.19

    Cuyahoga County Running an Inhumane Facility – It’s Not the First Time

    Cuyahoga County Jail Protest

    Protest photo outside of Cuyahoga County Justice Center – Tuesday, January 8, 2019


    You’ve likely seen the headlines: seven people died in the Cuyahoga County jail between June and October 2018, prompting a U.S. Marshals investigation and then, scathing report detailing the shocking conditions people are subjected to at the hands of the County.

  • 01.18.19

    Why this gay man cares passionately about protecting Roe v. Wade

    My Body Belongs To Me

    A reflection to commemorate the 46th anniversary of “Roe”

    Every civil libertarian I’ve met, it seems, has their own personal story about why protecting essential freedoms is deeply personal. I am no different.

    Since my earliest days as an activist, two issues – LGBTQ rights and abortion rights – have resonated strongly with me.

  • 01.16.19

    Turn On The Cameras

    Turn On The Cameras

    The ACLU of Ohio is encouraged by Speaker Householder’s stated plan to broadcast committee hearings in the Ohio House. Greater transparency and increased understanding of the legislative process will surely benefit all Ohioans. We hope the Senate will follow suit and do the same for all, instead of just some, of their own committees.