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  • 03.08.19

    ACLU of Ohio Urges Improvements to Cleveland Police’s Search and Seizure Policies

    Police Cars

    As part of its consent decree process, the Cleveland Division of Police is revising its search and seizure policies, which govern when and how officers can stop, arrest, and detain community members. Although its 2018 revised drafts represent an improvement, there are still changes that must be made for the policies to comply with basic best practices.

  • 03.04.19

    Criminal Justice Reform Efforts

    Criminal Justice Reform Efforts

    The ACLU of Ohio sent a letter to Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof, in response to his public solicitation for thoughts and ideas regarding sentencing and criminal justice reform in Ohio.

    “To the extent any of these plans, legislation, or additional input from other stakeholders improves Ohio’s criminal justice system the ACLU of Ohio will be at least generally supportive.