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  • 09.25.19

    Incredible Quotes From Books You Might Not Have Known Were Banned

    Banned Books Week

    As we stated in our blog Banned Books Week… More Relevant than Ever? , we here at the ACLU love Banned Books Week—and rightfully so! As you may already know, the ACLU firmly stands against censorship of all types, and that most certainly includes the banning of books.

  • 09.23.19

    Banned Books Week… More Relevant than Ever?

    Banned Books Collage

    Do you think the practice of banning books is a thing of the past? Something that books such as Animal Farm, The Catcher in the Rye, and To Kill a Mockingbird have been subject to??

    Think again.

    Just earlier this month, the internationally beloved Harry Potter series was banned yet again by a Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee for supposedly depicting “actual curses and spells.” Similarly, in April of this year, a Georgia sheriff was illegally denying books to prisoners by implementing a policy that not only restricted “incoming books from family, publishers and organizations, but also remove[d] existing books from inmates” – thus limiting reading options to a “jail book cart.”

    Do you think these are two instances few and far in between?

  • 09.23.19

    House Bill 285 – Proponent Testimony

    Criminal Justice Reform Efforts

    Below is our Chief Lobbyist Gary Daniels’ proponent testimony on House Bill 285. This was delivered to the House Transportation and Public Safety Committee on September 17, 2019.

    To Chairman Green, Vice Chair McClain, Ranking Member Sheehy, and members of the House Transportation & Public Safety Committee, thank you for this opportunity to present proponent testimony on House Bill 285.

  • 09.16.19

    Hard Time Admitting The Constitution Is Flawed? We’ll Do It For You.

    U.S. Constitution

    It’s Constitution Day! Okay – so we don’t get out of work or school today, nor do we get to barbeque our favorite foods or watch giant things go boom in the night sky, but is today any less important than Independence Day?

  • 09.09.19

    A Brief History of Our Recently Settled Voter Purge Case

    Trans Rights Now Sign

    Our long-fought voter purge case – APRI v Husted – finally came to a favorable conclusion on August 29, 2019. Since it was long, here’s a brief history:

    • We filed suit in early 2016 challenging Ohio’s practice of purging voters for failure to vote.

  • 09.06.19

    Campus Activism: Young Activists Cultivating Long-Lasting Skills

    Trans Rights Now Sign

    College students in the United States have a rich history of participating in activism work to make their voices heard.  In the campus setting, students have a favorable atmosphere to gather with peers based on a common interest relating to various social, political, or environmental issues, and these issues often intersect.