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  • 02.18.21

    School Resource Officers Exacerbate the School-To-Prison Pipeline for Students of Color

    Police and Schools


    Our fight for racial justice doesn’t stop at the figurative “schoolhouse gate.” The school-to-prison pipeline is yet another way that Black and Brown bodies are funneled into negative interactions with law enforcement at a young age, far too often resulting in arrest and the irreparable consequences of getting caught up in the mass incarceration system.

  • 02.08.21

    Senate Bill 25 – Opponent Testimony

    Criminal Justice Reform Efforts

    Below is our Chief Lobbyist Gary Daniels’ opponent testimony on Senate Bill 25. This was delivered to the Senate Judiciary Committee on February 9, 2020.

    To Chairman Manning, Vice Chair McColley, Ranking Member Thomas, and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, thank you for this opportunity to provide the following opponent testimony on Senate Bill 25.

  • 02.01.21

    Pandemic Or Not, Ohioans Deserve Virtual Testimony

    Dark Clouds and the Ohio Statehouse


    It takes nearly three hours to travel from Ashtabula, Ohio to Columbus.

    It takes over two hours to get from Cleveland, the second most populous city in Ohio, to the state capital – the same amount of time it takes for one to travel from the Appalachian city of Marietta to Columbus.