• 01.21.20

    House Bill 158 – Proponent Testimony


    Below is our Chief Lobbyist Gary Daniels’ proponent testimony on House Bill 158. This was delivered to the Senate Local Government, Public Safety & Veterans Affairs Committee on January 21, 2020. To Chairman Manning, Vice Chair Brenner, Ranking Member Maharath, and members of the Senate Local Government, Public Safety & Veterans Affair Committee, thank youmore »

  • 01.10.20

    We Fought to Curtail Abusive Homelessness Policies in Cincinnati. And We Won.


    Hamilton County has one of the highest rates of homelessness in Ohio.  In the City of Cincinnati alone, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that over 7,500 people—about 1,800 of whom are children—will experience homelessness in any calendar year.  On a single day in 2016, some 6,000 people took refuge inmore »

  • 12.19.19

    Here’s how Anti-Choice Lawmakers Waged War against Abortion in Ohio in 2019


    If you have social media and a way to get the latest news, chances are you have heard of two abortion bans (SB 23 and HB 413) – one of which was signed into law while the other was introduced to the Ohio Statehouse this year. HB 413 is still being talked about all aroundmore »

  • 12.18.19

    Ohio’s Jails and Prisons Are Fueling Crisis-Level Opioid Overdose Deaths

    By and

    Although Ohio is among the states hardest hit by the nationwide opioid epidemic—with the incarcerated population particularly at risk—numerous county jail authorities are failing to provide even the most basic medical care needed to blunt this ongoing crisis. This denial of treatment to people suffering from opioid use disorder (OUD) is making it far moremore »

  • 12.16.19

    Photographs and the First Amendment. My Harrowing Journey Through U.S. Customs


    In the United States, people are allowed to carry a loaded gun capable of mass killings, but I was treated as a criminal for carrying a camera with the intention of helping people. I am an independent photographer, artist, and journalist. For over thirty years, I’ve traveled around the world capturing images of culture andmore »

  • 12.09.19

    What’s Really Fraudulent about Our Elections


    On Thursday, December 5, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose claimed 354 non-citizens either voted or were registered to vote last year, and he forwarded the names of those individuals to Attorney General Dave Yost for potential charges. Of the 354 reported, 77 of them cast ballots in 2018. 77. Now let’s put that intomore »

  • 12.09.19

    When It Comes to Voter Turnout, Ohio Youth Lags Behind


    In 2008, President Barack Obama targeted Ohio youth when it came to gaining votes for the Democratic primary as he ran against Hillary Clinton. This, as it is obvious nearly a decade later, worked in his favor as he went on to serve for two terms as President. What many may not know is thatmore »

  • 12.04.19

    The “Ohio Student Religious Liberties Act” Explained


        In March 2019, House Bill 164 aka “The Ohio Student Religious Liberties Act,” was introduced.  In November, it passed the Ohio House and is now on its way to the Senate. Recently, HB 164 has received lots of statewide and national attention.  This has led to some misconceptions about what this bill willmore »

  • 11.20.19

    Senate Bill 140 – Proponent Testimony (Written Only)


    Below is our Chief Lobbyist Gary Daniels’ proponent testimony on Senate Bill 140. This was delivered to the House Criminal Justice Committee on November 21, 2019. To Chairwoman Lang, Vice Chair Plummer, Ranking Member Leland, and members of the House Criminal Justice Committee, I write to express the ACLU of Ohio’s support for Senate Billmore »

  • 11.06.19

    House Bill 263 – Proponent Testimony


    Below is our Chief Lobbyist Gary Daniels’ proponent testimony on House Bill 263. This was delivered to the House Commerce & Labor Committee on November 6, 2019. To Chairwoman Manning, Vice Chair Dean, Ranking Member LePore­ Hagan, and members of the House Commerce & Labor Committee, thank you for this opportunity to present proponent testimonymore »