Making a gift to the ACLU of Ohio Foundation through a transfer of stock or mutual funds can be very advantageous from a tax point of view, especially if you own appreciated stocks or mutual funds on which you would have to pay long term capital gains tax.

Each individual’s tax situation is different, so you should consult your tax advisors about the best ways to make charitable gifts.

Electronic Transfer

If your stock is held in brokerage account, your broker can transfer your gift electronically. He or she will need the following information:

UBS Financial Services, Inc.
DTC #0221
Recipient: ACLU of Ohio Foundation
Acct: LD59401

Because electronic transfers are made without identifying the donor, please alert us in advance about the stock and number of shares you plan to give. You can do so by emailing or calling (614) 586-1959.

According to IRS regulations, the date of your gift corresponds to the date it arrives in our possession (for transfers from brokerage account to brokerage account).


If you have any questions about giving stock, call (614) 586-1959, or send us an email at

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