How to stay engaged and active in the fight for civil rights and liberties across Ohio.

For many, the start of a new year is an opportunity for people to commit themselves to new goals and take on new challenges. After a tumultuous ride in 2022, between repeated failures from the Ohio Redistricting Commission to pass fair maps and the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, Ohio is ready for the progress and promise a new year brings. 

As you look to commit yourself to new challenges and opportunities in 2023, here are four easy ways to join the fight to protect and expand our civil rights and liberties across the state.  

  1. Join the Action Team
    The ACLU of Ohio Statewide Action Team is a powerful organized body of activists and ACLU supporters who work to push campaigns regionally and statewide. By joining the action team, you will be connected with like-minded Ohioans in your community ready to build an Ohio that works for all of us. Action Team volunteers have the support of our entire organization, including the stellar organizing team.  

    Learn more about the Action Team and join the thousands of Ohioans fighting for justice across our state.  
  2. Register to vote! 

    Every election is crucial. Each year, voters have the opportunity to make their voice heard by casting their ballot for candidates and issues that matter to them. Checking your registration is critical in order to ensure you can vote in each election. You can update your registration online. Remember, if you’ve moved, turned 18, or changed your name, you must update your registration!  

    In the New Year, commit to ensuring your registration is up to date, going to vote, and bringing friends and family with you.  

  3. Fight for abortion access. 

    After the U.S. Supreme Court made the unprecedented decision in June 2022 to strip Americans of their right to abortion, Ohioans felt the detrimental impacts immediately when a six-week abortion ban went into effect the same day. Currently, S.B. 23, Ohio’s six-week abortion ban is blocked, and our legal team is in court fighting to keep it that way.  

    To ensure that abortion access will never be at the mercy of changing courts, Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom (OFRF) is fighting to codify abortion rights in the Ohio Constitution. OFRF is a broad coalition of Ohioans who have spent decades fighting for abortion access in Ohio. Join us, and together we will put abortion directly to the voters. Be sure to follow us on social media and be the first to know when new opportunities to volunteer become available. In the meantime, learn more about how Ohioans feel about abortion access and ways to speak with friends and family about abortion in Ohio by reading our Abortion Polling and Messaging in the Post-Roe World Toolkit. You can also take action locally using our Abortion Advocacy in Your Local Community Toolkit.

  4. Stay engaged.

    We at the ACLU of Ohio are committed to protecting and expanding the civil rights and liberties of all Ohioans. This means we are constantly on the ground, in the courtroom, and at the Statehouse fighting for our rights. To stay up to date on all the news, bills, litigation, and volunteer opportunities coming from Ohio, make sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our email alerts.  

    You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok