It never fails to amaze me how some politicians continue to claim that cuts to early voting opportunities don’t hurt voters, and that people have plenty of time to cast their ballots without evenings and weekends. At best, these claims are willfully ignorant of the fact that many people have inflexible work schedules, childcare duties, lack of transportation, or a disability that makes it difficult for them to get to their polling place on Election Day. At worst, it’s a craven attempt to manipulate our election system to produce a certain outcome at the expense of some citizens’ rights to vote.

Our friends at the national ACLU recently published a new infographic showing the effect of these cuts on hundreds of thousands of voters. Unfortunately, the right to vote is not just under siege in Ohio, but this has been a coordinated effort across many states to make it harder for some people to cast their ballots.

Luckily, we are not taking this lying down. The ACLU is in court this week challenging cuts to early voting in North Carolina, and we have our own lawsuit in Ohio. As we ask the courts to reign in this attack on the right to vote, get educated on how cuts to early voting affect you by checking out the infographic.