Ask candidates these important questions before you cast your ballot!

Bail Reform

  • Do you support bail reform legislation that would ensure that people aren’t sitting in jail before trial simply because they cannot afford their release?
  • How would you ensure judicial officers follow the letter and spirit of the law?

Death Penalty

  • Do you support ending the death penalty?
  • Ohio has more scheduled executions than any other state in the US. Will you commit to giving clemency to everyone currently on death row?

Drug Policy

  • How will you respond to the opioid crisis from a public health perspective, medically and ethically supporting those with the medical condition of addiction?
  • Caffeine, aspirin, alcohol, and tobacco are regulated for safety. What are your thoughts on decriminalizing and regulating the use of marijuana?

Juvenile Justice

  • How will you combat the school-to-prison-pipeline and reduce the number of "resource officers" in our schools?
  • How will you address the systemic issues found in juvenile detention facilities throughout Ohio?

LGBTQ Rights

  • Would you support a statewide law to protect LGBT Ohioans from discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations?
  • How will you ensure that all businesses are truly open to ALL and do not discriminate against the LGBT community?

Mass Incarceration

  • What will you do to actively reduce the number of Ohio prisoners, and immigrant detainees, being housed in private, for-profit prisons?
  • Incarceration has proven ineffective in battling the opioid crisis. What proactive steps would you take to end the criminalization and incarceration of drug users?

Police Practices

  • As of July 1, 2018, over 500 people across the country – many of them unarmed - have been shot and killed by police officers. How would you hold police officers and departments accountable for instances of unnecessary or excessive force?
  • What role, if any, do you think law enforcement should play in "monitoring" peaceful protests? How will you ensure that police treat all protesters equally, despite the message of their protest and the racial makeup of participants?


  • Ohio currently has over 850 collateral sanctions. What will you do to reduce those barriers to reentry, for people who have already paid their debt to society?
  • How do you plan to address the practice of excessive lookback periods that keep individuals with criminal records locked out of opportunities?

Reproductive Rights

  • Ohio is one of the top states where access to safe and legal abortion has been the most restricted. What would you do to reverse this trend?
  • Should Ohio continue to use taxpayer dollars to fund so-called "crisis pregnancy centers?"

Voting Rights

  • How would you ensure that all eligible Ohioans have the ability to cast a vote in every election?
  • Would you support a statewide law to end the practice of purging voters?


The ACLU is a nonpartisan organization that does not endorse or oppose any candidate for office. We are engaging in this work to promote voter education and participation because there is so much at stake for civil liberties and the rights of all communities in Ohio.

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