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  1. Constitution Day - 09.17.09

    September 17, 2009News updateGeneral Civil Liberties, Open Government
  2. Removal of Magazine from School Library Violates First Amendment, Says ACLU

    March 18, 2009Press releaseFree Speech
  3. ACLU Urges General Assembly to Reject Bill That Would Allow Local Police to Enforce Federal Immigration Laws

    March 10, 2009Press releaseImmigrant Rights
  4. Employee Policy Restricts Free Speech, Says ACLU

    March 9, 2009Press releaseFree Speech
  5. Designating Non-Profits as Terrorist Organizations Without Due Process Undermines Security and Humanitarian Aid, Say Groups

    February 27, 2009Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties
  6. Juvenile Justice System Failing Ohio's Children, Investigation Finds

    February 10, 2009Press releaseJuvenile Justice
  7. New Web Campaign,, Encourages People to Talk About What It Means to Be LGBT

    February 4, 2009Press releaseLGBTQ Rights
  8. Students' Free Speech Rights Must Be Protected

    February 3, 2009Press releaseFree Speech
  9. Obama Has Long Road Ahead to Restore Civil Liberties

    January 15, 2009Press releaseGeneral Civil Liberties
  10. City Must Cease Violating Privacy of Residents

    January 14, 2009Press releasePrivacy