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  1. Prisons for Profit: A Toolkit for Film Screenings and Discussion

    August 9, 2016News updatePrisoners' Rights
  2. ACLU says Cleveland’s Proposed Civilian Police Review Ordinance is Insufficient

    August 8, 2016Press releasePolice Practices
  3. ACLU and Reproductive Rights Coalition Promoting Abortion Access with Concert in Cleveland

    August 9, 2016Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  4. ACLU Asks Court to Stop State’s Delay Tactics in Abortion Access Case

    August 12, 2016Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  5. ACLU Cautions Ohio Attorney General on FBI Access to Ohio’s Facial Recognition Database

    August 31, 2016Press releasePrivacy
  6. Voter Suppression Undermines Democracy

    August 2, 2016News updateVoting Rights
  7. Voting Local Has A Big Impact On Issues You Care About

    August 12, 2016News updateVoting Rights
  8. Blurring Lines: Police Militarization and the RNC

    August 17, 2016News updatePolice Practices
  9. The DOJ Is Ending Its Use of Private Prisons: But What About Ohio?

    August 23, 2016News updateSmart Justice
  10. Hill v. City of Akron

    August 13, 2016CaseFree Speech