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  1. ACLU and OJPC Release Recommendations to Legislative Committee Reviewing Ohio’s Criminal Code

    March 22, 2016Press releaseSmart Justice
  2. ACLU Encourages Jails to Follow Multi-County Correctional Center and Abandon Pay-to-Stay Fees

    May 12, 2016Press releaseSmart Justice
  3. ACLU Says Don’t Cut the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee

    May 25, 2016Press releaseSmart Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  4. ACLU Warns Youngstown that Anti-Loitering Ordinance Will Not Hold Up in Court

    July 6, 2016Press releaseSmart Justice, Free Speech
  5. “Prison for Profit” ACLU of Ohio Documentary Wins 2nd Award

    February 3, 2016News updateSmart Justice
  6. “No one believes a Felon”

    March 18, 2016News updateSmart Justice
  7. Ohio is Asking the Wrong Questions about the Death Penalty

    April 8, 2016News updateSmart Justice, Death Penalty, Racial Justice
  8. A Family Surviving Solitary Confinement

    June 8, 2016News updateSmart Justice, Disability Rights
  9. Orange is the New Black Tackles Prisons For Profit

    June 17, 2016News updateSmart Justice, Women's Rights
  10. Locked Down, Locked Away: What’s It Like Being Released from Solitary Confinement?

    July 8, 2016News updateSmart Justice, Disability Rights